Aussie Event Invite: Fast Web Formula 3

banner250b.gifLike lots of online small business operators I just don’t get out often enough, but I wanted to let you know that I’m heading off to “Fast Web Formula 3″ (FWF3) at the end of October in sunny Queensland.

And I would really like to meet up with you there – even if you are from the other side of the world… as lots of overseas …

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Article Directory Profits???? Who Are They Kidding!

I got an email this morning promoting a new video training course showing you how to set up your own article directory using WordPress and free themes and plugins…

Now I’ve been there, and dunnit!

And after doing it… I just have to have a HUGE rave… which I will begin by asking…

“WHY would you ever WANT to set up your own article directory anyway?”

Well the idea is sound…

You get other people writing and submitting content …

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WP Twin Review – The Simplest Way EVER To Move A WordPress Site!

I’m totally knackered after spending the last 2.5 hours trying to manually transfer a WordPress site to a new host. It’s been even more complicated and time consuming than usual, because the old host uses “add-on” domains!

I finally gave up (at Step 12 of 16) when I found out that the (expletive deleted) images hadn’t transferred properly, so I’m back to square one!

And then I actually found THE solution to moving WordPress sites so easily… …

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The Main Reason NOT To Buy Auto Blog Samurai Software

There’s a very good reason why people are going berserk over Auto Blog Samurai – a brand new piece of software for Windows PC’s that’s recently been released…

And that’s because it takes auto-blogging to a whole new and actually highly “legitimate” level!

Up to now, most auto blogging software/plugins I have seen only seem to create sucky web sites filled with snippets of useless content, which has illegally scraped from other people’s websites. Generally, …

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Just Launched – 20 Minute Payday

Is it possible to make money online in just 20 minutes a day? Well… if you think such claims are all just a huge a load of baloney, then you probably should think again :)

This new offering from Russell Brunson shows exactly how a young couple are making over 13k a month using his 20 Minute Payday system.

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Got Your Websites Backed Up? Ooops… No Excuse Now!

Like the majority of IMer’s, most of my websites are hosted on servers with cPanel installed… so it’s fairly “easy” for me to make a backup of each site. You login to cPanel, click a few buttons, and then wait, rinse and repeat for each site you have.

Now while the “manual” option exists and is easy… it certainly is NOT convenient. With most people, the thought of sitting there and pressing buttons for a few …

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