Where’s The Money In THIS List?

One question that Internet Marketers everywhere wonder about is “How often should I mail my list?” Well, while I’m not attempting to answer that definitively today, I do want to show you something that is a tad on the extreme side… and certainly makes me wonder what some people think email marketing is all about…

Check out the number of emails I have received from just ONE Internet “Marketer” in the past FIVE days – as …

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OnLine or Off, If You Ain’t Doing It, You Ain’t In Business

Described as “the most essential tool for marketers” (both in the online and offline worlds) your prospect list and customer list is the one thing that should be always at the top of your mind.

Most entrepreneurs realise that without a growing list of people, highly interested in what you are doing, you will struggle to turn a decent profit.

But my question is…

“How much do you really know about list-building and email marketing?”

I’ve certainly found the …

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AWeber Price Hike Set To Change Email Marketing

In case you missed it, aWeber, a leading provider of auto-responder and email management services, recently announced significant changes to their pricing structure which just might have a (good) dramatic impact on the whole email marketing field.

For many years, aWeber had priced their technology at $19.95 a month to store up to 10,000 leads, and run unlimited email campaigns to those leads.

However, from now on only existing customers will be able to keep going …

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What’s Above The Fold?

Have you put enough thought into what happens when your email newsletter arrives in a subscribers inbox? What are you doing to STOP them from deleting your email within the first five seconds of opening it?

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Which List Is The Money In???

We’ve all heard the old “The money’s in the List” expression… but now I have a question that begs an answer… What TYPE of list is the money really in? See some different examples of “lists” and decide for yourself.

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Ten Common List Mistakes

Every time you send something out, you can get results, as long as you don’t fall victim to the common list mistakes too many people seem to make (even the gurus):

Crap content.
This can ONLY result in people unsubscribing – NOT what you want!

Sending out TOO often / or not often enough.
Set up a schedule of WHEN you are going to send your newsletter – say every second Tuesday morning – and DO IT. On your …

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